Sunday, February 19, 2012

The release of the Milky Way

The Milky Way felt lost and confused. Her gangly arms extended in all directions. She felt so loose and lost. She seemed to be tossing and going in all directions, and at the same time in none.

She released the threads from the pod in her heart and opened up like an umbrella. Threads of hairs streamed out from her heart and went out in all directions. She felt like a sattelite being released into the universe. Her hairs went out in all directions encompassing all. But she wasn't comfortable with this.

She was used to keeping all her energy in her heart. Now she felt powerless releasing all that energy, seemingly no where. She felt lost. It felt like a very undeserving direction to disperse energy every where and no where at the same time. She didn't feel good about herself. She hated relieving herself in this way. She wondered and feared what all this might mean for her. Where would she end up? Who would take care of her if she felt lost? Who would protect her?

240px-236084main_MilkyWay-full-annotated.jpg (240×240)
She felt a burn at the bottom of her belly, a discomfort. She felt an uneasiness. She felt lost and yet strangely relieved.   It was very disconcerting. Chaos seemed to reign all around her like clouds.

And yet she felt home being light enough for the threads from her heart to be carried by the wind.

Between our emotions, thoughts, senses and intuition, the laboratory to experiment with all the principles of the universe is within us. That is how thought experiments are conducted. What is understood within us as a mixture of sensual emotion intuition and thought are understood as planets in the outside world.
There are balls of mixtures of these planets that revolve within us as metaphors. There are entire galaxies of these planets within us too.

Sometimes, what initially seems like our source of happiness turns out to be our greatest sadness. Perhaps that is why we are afraid of happiness. Every seed that promises happiness also contains the tree of unhappiness. We plant many seeds through out our lives. And not all of them fructify into the kinds of trees we want. This leads to our unhappiness.

After watching the Hindi movie 'The 3 Idiots' I realized that I too was an idiot

Sometimes the opening up of the Milkyway leads to the Sun. And at other times the release of the Milkyway leads to realizing yourself as a black hole. To see jnana and vijnana as different from the source of these energies is ignorance. To see them as the same is knowledge. There is a fine line between knowledge and ignorance. That fine line is discrimination from the light from realization.

The influence of the Sun is all over the solar system. But one has to understand the whole system in context to understand how the Sun influences everything in the universe.

If you want to understand what inspired Picasso's artwork, you cannot dig his grave to find this information. The inspiration for his art is not in the DNA of his liver, I don't think. You can't do an organ transplant and replace Picasso's liver to another individual and hope that they produce Picasso's quality of art. There is a lot more subtler mechanism and science at work that inspired Picasso, Mahler and Einstein.

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