Thursday, February 23, 2012

CIIS, a place where the unlimited meets the limited

To strictly define the world according to either limited goods or unlimited goods may shoot ourselves in the foot.  

I understand the world from a certain perspective. And though I see that much of the world functions according to this perspective, I don't see people talking in these terms. And it makes me wonder why that is. It makes me wonder why it is that the world is so lost in the minutiae of reality that it doesn't see the bigger picture? And then I know the answer. There is a lot of money in the minutiae. How money is counted and measured is minutiae. It is important minutiae that cannot be ignored. It is what makes the world run.

The world starts with discussing things according to how it has already been defined monetarily. Me, I define things the other way. If it has value to me, then I feel like earning money to get it. So this is a big disconnect. For the world things need to have value economically. There is a sense of a 'shared economic value' in the world. It is what makes the stock markets work. And I can see the logic behind his. After all, a house by the beach seems to be desirable for many people.

But there is a realm of limited goods and then there is the realm of unlimited goods. The realm of limited goods is addressed in terms of economics. But there doesn't seem to be a 'socially acceptable' discipline that explores the realm of unlimited goods.

For this reason, I have been really fascinated coming across the CIIS. It seems to be a place where they are trying to understand the limited in terms of the unlimited and the unlimited in terms of the limited.

I really appreciate how CIIS is trying to bring credibility to the spiritual experience. It is an experience that is meaningful to many all over the world. Certainly it is an experience that is dear to me. And I feel that spirituality has the possibility to be meaningful to everyone. I feel strongly that our essence, the more we become detached from the world of gross matter, is subtle. And of all our subtle natures, spirituality is the most subtle of our natures.
There is great power in the subtle realm. Infact, I might just go far enough to say that all gross power can be boiled down to the subtle realm. It doesn't take a huge leap of faith to understand this. Even from a scientific perspective, all gross matter can be boiled down to the atomic level in terms of electro-magnetic energy. 

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