Thursday, March 8, 2012

Krishna's universal form

My dear Lord Krishna,

I see your universal form. I learn from your universal form. It is beautiful. It is amazing. In it are everything. From the atoms to the planets I see it all. Everything is there in context and proportion. Nothing needs to be added and subtracted. And I am there too. Your form is moving. It is in motion. The planets are going around the sun. The humming bird is drinking from the flowers. The electron is revolving around the proton-neutron nucleus. The bees are drinking.

I see the sun revolving.

I see mother earth. She holds those who trample her and hurt her close to her heart. She doesn't discriminate between the rich nor the poor. She gives all their best, remembering everyone's acts as normal and natural from their perspective.

With it's bright rays, the sun draws water from everything, transforms it into clouds and then distributes it as rain without favor.

And I am there too. I participate in this universe of yours. Pulled between the gravitational forces of the planets and sandwhiched by atoms.

All around me is conflict and chaos in human relationships. And all around me is loving and caring. All these are in your universal form.

There are people being born and people dying. Disease and old age.

All these are within you. You are the sustainer and maintainer of all that is.

There are people driving to work. People putting together the universe. Making it click together. Harvesting the earth. People working for people. Fighting to make things work.
Keeping the machinery of the world going. There are people who can't keep up getting crushed between the teeth of this machinery. Grinding teeth of death.

The machinery must go on, and it does. The machinery of the planets and the universe. It is a force in itself. An unstopping force. Everyone must keep up or be crushed. And we run. We run to keep up and not stay behind. This is the merciless force of time. And You say that you are that as well.

You are this grinding machinery of this universe. Like an airplane engine it revolves mercilessly. Get out of it's way, keep up, or get crushed. And like the planets revolving around the sun, this machinery revolves, taking the seasons, the birds, the flowers and the bees with it.

And we try to stay in touch. We try to keep up. It's tough. So many details to master of your universe.

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