Thursday, March 8, 2012

Life without karma

There is a lot of pressure in the world. And without accepting the notion of karma it is very hard to digest all the pressure in the world coming from all ends. Without accepting the notion of duty it is very hard to simply focus on doing what you need to without worrying about the world. It is very hard to not feel guilty for being insensitive to all that is happening in the world.

There are many careers being made in the world of corporate advertising. And there are many careers being made in the world of journalism and social non-profits. The corporate advertisers want to make you feel guilty for not matching up to some pre-conceived notion idea of what you should be. Perhaps you should be fatter or thinner or whatever. And the journalists and social non-profits want to make you feel guilty because some where someone has suffered and you should feel that it shouldn't have happened. At the end of the day know that they too, are just doing their duty. They are trying to survive just like you and me.

So we are all sandwiched between these pressures. We are sandwiched in our awareness. And it hurts. And sometimes it feels like ignorance is bliss. Sometimes knowledge and awareness really cramps our style. Without seeing the world through the eyes of spirituality and acceptance, the more sensitive we are to the world, the more difficult we will find to maintain our equilibrium amidst of all the pressures of life. The more reactive we will get. And the more we will increase our own and others suffering.

If the imposition of will of one person on another is violence, who does not commit violence? Who does not commit pain on another?
Economics works in such a way that if no one can afford a house at a certain price, the price will go lower. So by buying a house at a certain price, you are, in one way, doing violence on all those who could have afforded the house at a cheaper price (when the price went down).
By taking a job at a certain salary level, you are in essence taking the job away from another individual who is willing to do the job at a cheaper price. You are in essence doing violence on that individual's family. 

I didn't create the violence in living in this world. It came this way. And those people feeling that all violence at all times can be eradicated indefinitely are misleading the public. 

So in this way we are all burdening each other by our existence. The resources in this world is limited. And by living we are consuming resources that could be in other people's mouths. People try to white wash this truth in all kinds of ways to avoid these ugly facts. But it is not we who made the world ugly. It came this way.

This is the nature of the material world.

I wish I didn't feel the pressure of this world. This world is a prison. And we have to live out our sentence in it. We have to live out our prison sentence in the pressure cooker of the world. And it sucks. We came with our karma in it. And we have to do our time. And everyone is coping in their own way. Some show the pain of the pressure and others don't.

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