Sunday, March 4, 2012

Naan Kadavul the Movie

I have been watching the trailer for a movie: Naan Kadavul. Apparently the movie is awesome. I'd like to watch it sometime soon.

Everything in the supreme is perfect and complete. And so all manifestations of the Supreme is perfect and complete. This is what the devotees of the Aghora tradition seek to realize. In the same way that it is hard to understand how to "reverse-engineer" our material bodies for spiritual life, it is hard to appreciate the spirituality of a path like the Aghora to God. It is not the fault of the Aghori that the world is ignorant. And since the universe is perfect, perhaps it is not the fault of the ignorant that they are ignorant either. It is hard to judge through the material eyes to understand who is innocent and who is ignorant. We all need to live our own realization.

I can certainly appreciate that there is a lot more to the world of spirituality in the traditions of the world than might meet the naked eye at a superficial glance.

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