Friday, March 2, 2012

Human Rights suffocates spiritual rites

Every living entity has a place and a role to play in the universe. But we can't see all living entities in relation to the whole: Lord Jaggannath. And thus we judge one as higher or lower. It's not my fault. I'm just impure. Those qualified can engage all living entities. Seeing through my material eyes I can't distinguish between who is a Devadasi for Lord Jagannath and who is a prostitute. This is a huge problem in India and Nepal because in the name of "human rights" people are being impeded in practicing spirituality.

The supersoul and universal form of Krishna pervade the universe. Can I or you absolutely say 100% that these girls in this music video are not the greatest Vaishnavas in the universe?

Who am I to judge the quality of their heart by their physical action? And yet, to protect our own nature, because we know that we are not pure and that we need to protect ourselves, we judge. We judge not to hate them. We judge to protect ourself.

What is maya for one living entity is not maya for another because of their realization. The only "one size that fits all" is Krishna. Everything else in this material world is different.

It was in this spirit that Jayananda Prabhu was able to engage all jiva's according to their unique propensity to serve the lord of the Universe (Jagannatha) in creating the chariot to pull the Lord. Is that hillarious or what? Jivas the size of the tip of the hair get to pull the Lord of the Universe? :-)

So then basically, Vaishnavas are the "logistical department" of Krishna's universe, facilitating for every individual's jiva's desire to serve Krishna in their unique way. That is why they are like Kalpa-Vrksha trees. They provide the toys with which the universe loves and plays with Krishna. Vancha kalpa tarubhyas cha... 

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