Monday, February 27, 2012

Why doesn't the American Medical Association Accredit Subtle Science Doctors?

In talking about the subtle sciences, I am a journalist. I am not a doctor.

It bothers me to a certain extent that what is so dear to me is not acknowledged as a formal science. I feel this is very unfortunate for both the world and myself.

Much of my personal story is tied in with discovering the healing power of the subtle sciences. This in turn contributed to my health. It has felt good to practice. I wish the healing property and science of subtlety had the same legitimacy that the gross sciences has.

What would that do?

Well for one, you could have something like the American Medical Association. Then you could have a system of accreditation of the subtle sciences and you wouldn't have so many quacks. Isn't that why medical doctors of the gross sciences are accredited? Well why aren't the medical doctors of the subtle sciences similarly accredited and compensated? Why isn't society benefiting from the accreditation process of these doctors of the subtle sciences who contribute to the health of the individual as much as the doctors trained in the gross medical sciences?

I feel that the problem with the subtle sciences is this lack of accreditation. But looking at the history of religions we see that accreditation has it's own challenges and problems as well. I'm not sure if there is a solution that would satisfy all, all the time. After all, this is the material world. I'm not sure perfection against corruption is absolutely possible at the surface level. Isn't that what we explored with the four forces in society? You can't mass manufacture quality and purity in this world because association with matter is so natural here. Purity and quality is natural in the subtle realm. Even the gross sciences acknowledge that. The gross realm acts as a prison for those who violate the subtle laws of nature. Freedom is only in the subtle realm.
To ask why the quality standards in the moral character of the average person in the prison system is so low would be an absurd question. 

I feel that it's a shame that we are missing out. It's a lose-lose-lose situation all around. It is sad. There is so much love to go around and no one is giving it away.

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