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What Science Discovered Within Herself

Science looked around the world, and she felt pretty good about herself. She had managed to resolve a lot of human suffering. But still there was much much more. How to resolve this? Science felt that she had served her masters, humanity, so much. She had alleviated a lot of pain in the world.

She had created a consistent language so that the people who speak it's language could be on the same page. Science had served as air traffic control GPS system for humanity so that humanity could communicate and coordinate itself without conflict. She felt good and smiled to herself. 

And yet as she looked around, she couldn't help but cringe. What about all the poverty, disease and death happening all around her? She wished she could address that sooner. It was such an urgent need. If only more people believed in her.

The personification of science wanted to know if there was any one measurement device that would prove that she exists. She wanted to study his own impact on humanity.  She went from measurement device to measurement device but she found that she could measure an organ or a limb but can never verify the whole of her living breathing existence. There was nothing that could validate that she existed. She couldn't see how all the parts of who she was related to the whole beautiful person that she knew she was. After all she was not the length of her arms or the size of her feet. These don't tell her what her relationship with humanity has been so far. She needed measurement technology to capture her essence. Her soul.

She has been so busy serving her masters faithfully and with great discipline and attention to detail. 
She wanted to be more useful and satisfy a lot more needs. There were many more unfulfilled needs in the world. Her eyes were on simplicity, functionality, elegant design and the satisfaction of needs. Science looked all around her. And she had helped alleviate a lot of suffering in the world. But there was a lot more.

Science felt that if she came up with a universal measurement device that could measure everything that is currently measure able by humanity, how positive that contribution would be. If she invented such a device, was there a possibility that she would end whatever conflict and misunderstanding was still left  in the world? 
Then all the parts of science could be connected to the whole. Perhaps that would alleviate the rest of human  suffering?

Science felt that if she could show the rest of humanity about how fair
she was in judging the world, then more people would have faith in her and would trust her. But people were so inherently selfish. So what was the chance of that happening? 

But Science was convinced the more people accepted that she was loving, kind, highly disciplined servant,
the more people would take to it. This might solve the problems of humanity. But though she wanted to serve all, she could not see how everyone is different. How to resolve this contradiction?

Science.jpg (254×192) 

In attempting to resolve these conflicts, Science sighed to herself. She sat down, closed her eyes and meditated on her own body. She felt rivers, valleys, mountains, within her. But that did not satisfy her. So she searched more. And the more she searched the more she found. She discovered a whole other world within her that she didn't even know existed. She discovered space, the planets, ether. She discovered mind, intelligence. She discovered her ego. But she went further. She discovered that she had a universal body like the one Krishna showed Arjuna in the battle of Kurukshetra. This body of science consisted every gross and subtle element in existence.

She wanted to find something that would alleviate the rest of human suffering that she hadn't been able to address so far. Science discovered that her own essence was subtle and not gross in nature. This came as a huge shock to her. She didn't think she had a more subtle realm within her than what she knew. 

Science shook her head. She was consumed with fear. She felt so conflicted. How could she accept this? This is not the problem that science was trying to solve. All she wanted to do was serve humanity. That she discovered her own subtle nature shook her to her bones. What did this mean? What would humanity do if they discovered that she, Science had both a gross and subtle nature? How would they swallow this? Would she be shunned? Would they throw stones at her? Would they spit at her? Science shook in fear.

How could she speak a language that would appeal to all? What could she say so that more of humanity would have faith and trust its gps air traffic system? All she was seeking to do was coordinate everyone's activity consistently so that there would be no air collision. But unfortunately, not all listened to her. Not everyone had the antennae to catch her signal. 
Science wanted to love all of humanity and existence. She didn't feel that some of her children who loved her gross avatar should benefit at the one's who loved her subtle avatar's expense. Mother is Mother. Science is Science. Some people call her Mother Science. Others call her Mata science. These are different names to acknowledge the same science. Different people have different relationships with science. And in this way they understand her differently. But she is one and the same individual.  She is the same Science who wants to shine with knowledge and love for all of us.
Science was very concerned about those fanatics who were so attached to one of her roles in the gross realm that they refused to understand her role in the subtle realm. It was like spoilt kids who are so attached to seeing their mother at home that they don't want to acknowledge her desire to have an occupation.

The fanatics kept trying to define their mother and limit her conduct. They only wanted Mother Science to serve them on their terms. This is exactly how the battle of Kurukshetra happened. Because of the Kauravas refusal to share. The Kauravas elitism and refusal to compromise on any terms led to the battle of Kurukshetra.

When Science looked at the history of the human race, she regretfully acknowledged that her poor and suffering children had acted in a way to contribute to their own problems. Every thing in the world is subject to friction. And the system of quality checks in the body of knowledge of the subtle sciences had broken down. Eventually all the doctors of the subtle sciences lost credibility. And the knowledge as it was, was lost.

This is the mantra of the fanatical, stubborn and close-minded spoilt children who didn't want to give up their grip on power. And the Pandavas kept on trying to reason with the Kauravas. Let us share, they said. 

"Experiment, however, consists in asking a definite question which excludes as far as possible anything disturbing and irrelevant.  It makes conditions, imposes them on Nature, and in this way forces her to give an answer to a question devised by man.  She is prevented from answering out of the fullness of her possibilities since these possibilities are restricted as far as practicable.  For this purpose there is created in the laboratory a situation which is artificially restricted to the question and which compels Nature to give an unequivocal answer.  The working sof Nature in her unrestricted wholeness are completely excluded.  If we want to know what these workings are, we need a method of inquiry which imposes the fewest possible conditions, or if possible no conditions at all, and then leaves Nature to answer out of her fullness."

The Kauravas refused to listen. 

Science tried to explain her love of humanity. She explained how she felt conflicted. She had ill-knowingly contributed to dis-ease in humanity. She felt responsible for the suffering in humanity. She realized that though she had been trying to shine the light of knowledge on humanity, it had not cleared all the darkness. What she had not been prepared for was what the other realm was. She thought that more discovery and experiments in the gross material realm would solve the problems of humanity. Now she realized that the gross material realm was a small part of the subtle realm. She was shocked to discover that the gross realms were an extension of the subtle realms. How could this be? How could she have made such a terrible mistake? 

Science bowed down to Lord Krishna repeatedly and begged for His forgiveness. How could she have mislead so many in the name of absolute and objective knowledge? All she was trying to do was help humanity. How could she have ended up hurting all those that she was trying to help? 

Krishna smiled listening to her plea. "O Science, in every action there is fault, but one should not stop doing one's duty. This is the material world. You have tried to do your best, given the circumstances."

"You are like a paralyzed Network engineer that shut down his system. You went into system lockdown so that no hackers from the subtle sciences could compromise you in anyway. This was your natural defense mechanism."

"O Science, you have been known by many different names through-out the ages. Those who are aware of the subtle realm know you as Maha-maya. Those who are aware only of the gross sciences know you as Science. You rule this prison of the material world with your strict laws. These laws of nature are your laws. To know you is to know the laws of nature."
 "There are those that simply wish to know the power of my potency by appreciating the Laws of Nature. I, in their heart, give them the intelligence to appreciate Me accordingly."
"You have covered their eyes as they have wanted to be covered. You are my servant. You don't do anything against my will. I reciprocate with all according to the kind of relationship they want to have with me. Some only want to have a relationship by having a relationship with my external energy--my universal form. They are in your jurisdiction and under your laws."
"Don't be chagrined that they suffer. It is because of their own reactions of actions in this previous lives and even in this life. Even in this life there is the science of operating properly according to the instruction manual of the operating system of the self that I have provided through my various avatars. Those who follow them stay away from misery."
"O Science, we have simply given the spirit souls of this world what it is they want. They enjoy and suffer the results of their karma. Even those who only acknowledge your gross avatar and don't want to accept your subtle nature recognize that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. If you don't floss your teeth, eventually your gums will hurt. This is true, unless at a subtler realm a greater scientific law or principle is at work and over-rides the gross decay. Some mystics know of mantras that can cure the cavity in teeth. The subtle principle over-rides the gross law."

"You might wonder why that is. It is because this gross world is a reflection of the subtler realm. You are well-acquainted with the analogy of the Banyan tree. O Science, O Maha-Maya, your true face is in the subtle realm. Your true beauty is there. All those who have seen this face of yours know you as Yoga-maya. In the gross world your face is known as science." 


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