Sunday, February 19, 2012

Collecting pollen from all over the human body

The medicine dropper of intention of the heart picks up neutral sensing pieces of pollen from all over the body like a bee picks up pollen from a garden of flowers without discriminating against or favoring any flower more than another. Pollen is pollen. As the bee of the heart does its job, the state of the garden of the body is changing at every moment.

Vipassana is about establishing a relationship of neutrality with all inner-sensations from the body without seeing any sensation as a friend or enemy. The relationship of neutrality is what we establish with things that are 'unknown unknowns' that we don't fear or are attracted to. We don't have an impetus to respond to it.

She keeps her honey in this volcano. From the outside you can only taste the jar of honey. But you need to go in the volcano to taste the honey. Just don't drown in it.

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