Thursday, February 23, 2012

Nepal, a spiritual torch for the world

Wouldn't that be amazing for a center like CIIS or the Jung Institute to be in Nepal?

Nepal is naturally a very spiritual place. It is also the land where Buddha was born. It is considered a tapo-bhumi (a land conducive for spiritual austerity) by many who live there. Many of the spiritual disciplines used to be taught there. It is a spiritually rich nation. But unfortunately, the credibility and value of spirituality has gone down in the world. This is very unfortunate.

That is why the value of Nepal is not appreciated in the world. 

I was watching the news about Greece. This is the same Greece that Socrates and Plato came from. But we can see that the value of what they taught has gone down.

Nepal is in the same boat. It is not Nepal's fault that the world valued matter so high that it completely could not appreciate what the realm of the spirit had to offer to the individual. This lack of recognition has been unfortunate both to the world and to Nepal. Both have missed out.

The result has been that much of the world suffers in an existential crisis and Nepal suffers in a financial crisis. I feel that the work that CIIS is doing and the Jung institute is doing can address both needs. 

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