Saturday, February 25, 2012

My experiments in living

I had read this tip from one of my favorite blog sites: Paul's tips. In one particular posting he wrote about the importance of making a lot of small cheap experiments. 

Life is about making experiments. I have made a number of experiments. Of the experiments in my life, a few of them stand out with significance.

1. Chanting Hare Krishna
2. Exploring Jung's functions on Vyvanse
3. Vipassana
4. Healing myself through writing in this blog

The theoretical model that I have referred to in all these experiments are the same. I am going to post this model on this blog one of these days. I will post it as a picture. I have actually created a 3-dimensional model of this model in the physical world. It is going to be more difficult to depict it in 2-dimension space. Maybe I will make a video of it, post it on youtube and then link back to this blog with it.

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