Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Archa-vigraha form

I have a 3-d image of Krishna in mind. It is filled with butterflies. I have been googling it to see if anyone has made anything like it, and I can't find it. I visualize the whole thing with Krishna's 3-d form being dead center in a cylinder.

Picture from this site.

And all the colors, forms of the living entities with our unique differences are in it. It is a living form of Krishna. As we move, so it moves. As we change, so it changes. It is beautiful. I would love to see a computer animated statue of it. I can almost hear the billions of butterflies in that form.

Finally I found a form that came close in this website. But the statue I have in mind is the whole 8-fold (astha-bhanga) form of Krishna in 3-d.  

Like a butterfly, it is actually "two wings." Each "wing" is reflections of Krishna's form. The "images" are diametrically opposed.
One form is filled with all the colors of the material elements in it. This is all the inanimate objects in the universe.
The other form of Krishna is filled with all the colors of the animate objects in Krishna's creation.

The butterfly wings flap.

And when they do, both the forms, for an instant are one. And then the wings open up and they are separate again.  How cool is that?

Apparantly this is known as the archa-vigraha form. I know it as the Universal form of Krishna. The archa vigraha form of Krishna that appears as the deity at the temple of the true devotees of Krishna is non-different from the Virat Rupa, Universal Form of Krishna.

For me, while I live in this material world, I love appreciating this Universal Form of Krishna. It is so beautiful. All the elements in it have been my teachers. In that way, I love the path of Dattatreya Rishi. And I thank Swami Krishna-ananda for teaching me how to meditate on this form.

To see it more alive would be amazing, I feel.

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