Sunday, February 26, 2012

Einstein used his body to make experiments

I have suffered a lot in my life because of ignorance. It is regrettable when you suffer when you didn't have to.

Einstein discovered relativity through thought experiments. He created his theories based on thought experiments. He hadn't performed one physical experiment. He had performed experiments with his body. He had created theories from these experiments with his mind. And these theories were later tested and verified using laboratory equipment. But the point is that he used his mind to create this experiment.

The mind is part of the body. Emotions are part of the body. So why can't these be used to make experiments? Why aren't experiments that are made from these sources considered adequate proof for knowledge?

All technology is an extension of the human faculties. When you abstract out the human faculty and create the same functionality through material elements it is known as technology.

The knowledge from the Vedas was realized by performing experiments with the body, mind and emotions and intuition. Carl G Jung understood the importance of this. He talked about it in the first few pages of his book Psychological types. Difference in the language of the Vedas and the language that modern science uses is that science talks in terms of concepts. The Vedas didn't use conceptual language. But it was not any less scientific.

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