Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Re-telling of Past-times

My latest thing that I am interested doing is taking pictures of Krishna art and practicing describing the past-times the best that I can in words. But perhaps I need to read the past-times before I think of re-telling them, eh?

I want to practice writing poetry.

There are the 3 modes of nature: Goodness, Passion and Ignorance. And there are the 16 personality types. 16 X 3 = 48. These are the archetypes that I would like to explore in my writing. There is nothing divine in this math. It just makes sense to me. Now how it would manifest in the kind of service I would like to engage in is another question.

Everything in creation has both a subtle and a gross nature. The subtle nature is governed by demigods and dieties in charge of that element. Those are the subtle sciences. The gross nature of the element is governed by the laws of physical nature. And the creatures of this world, whether human or not, are able to utilize the elements of this world to the degree that they are in tune with the laws of nature. There are many different ways to tune into the laws of nature.
Dogs can tune into frequencies unmanifest to humans. Birds flying north can tune into frequencies unmanifest to humans. Similarly, even amongst humans, there are people in tune to aspects of reality unmanifest to others. Such is the conflict of opposites. All these conflict of opposites come together in harmony in the self-realized soul for she sees reality as it is. I say 'she' for the soul, for all individual souls are prakriti (female). Only God is purusha (male). Material nature is female. The spirit soul too is female.

Krishna's original form is spiritual. And on the battle of Kurukshetra, in the same ways, through Krishna's spiritual form, he manifest His universal form made of material elements to Arjuna. This form was wild and ferocious. Arjuna must have seen all 48 archetypes in this form.

Since a spirit-soul is a mini-god in the sense that it is a mini-spirit, it too has a universal form while in this material world. This universal form is the physical manifestation of the living entity based on it's consciousness. As it's subtle body is, it's gross body manifests itself accordingly. As it's subtle body is, it's actions and words are manifest accordingly.

Everything has a first and second creation. The first creation is the quality of your subtle body. And the second body is the emanations from this subtle body. The first creation is always subtle.
Similarily, every living entity has these 48 archetypes within them. In fact, I would argue that every tool or vehicle that a living entity plays with is also manifest in 48 archetypes. Some of these forms are manifest and some of these forms are unmanifest. They are constantly coming to the surface of the ocean and dissolving.  

Sometimes they are manifest for the purpose of creation and sometimes they are manifest for the purpose of dissolution (weapon). Each according to it's nature.

In the eyes of God there is no good or evil for he is the Supreme-neutral. God's manifestation as neutrallity personalified is Shiva--morality and justice personified. Shiva is equal to all. I cannot pretend to be Shiva without gaining his neutrality. And yet I do because I think I am God. I am not God. I will never have the vision of neutrality that He has. I will never be able to perfectly understand the constitutional position of a living entity and his eternal relationship with God. I will never have that power of God. 

Krishna in the Bhagavad-gita says that He is not the doer being unchangeable. So that is the nature of God. He is simply watching his children loving and playing in the play-ground of the universe. This is Maha-Vishnu's dream. He takes this as seriously as we take our dreams at night.

This material world with it's duality is a labyrinth full of contradictory signs. It is easy to get lost in it. There are many ways out of a labyrinth. There are many tools that can be employed to find the way out of a labyrinth. Different living entities might use different means. Means not accessible or available to other living entities. Some might use a compass (a bird), a light (a fire fly), a companion (the guru). Others might use their wings (fly). What is good for one might not be good for the other. This appreciation is the path of the Aghora.

Due to our attachments and aversions, we can view impressions made by our senses, emotions and thoughts on the mirror of the mind like a gypsy views impressions in a crystal ball. This is what we call intuition. Intuition is also in goodness, passion and ignorance. The mind, like every one of the subtle bodies of the self can be used for spiritual life or for Krishna's service. Each one of the subtle bodies is simply a tool.
A mirror is neither good nor bad but is as useful as it is clean. Even warped mirrors can be entertaining. 

Krishna in the Bhagavad-gita says that there is tyaga (sacrifice) in goodness passion and ignorance. Yukta-vairagya is using the tools of God for the pleasure of God. There is a science to be able to use a tool according to the different modes of nature. This is part of the subtle sciences.

Shiva is purusha in this material world. And he manifests his creations with his consort: Shakti or Durga. One has to respect Lord Shiva to be able to utilize his tools and Mother Parvati's energy in Krishna's service in the spirit of yukta-vairagya. We are not powerful enough to utilize the material energy to do anything but bind ourself in material attachment or aversion to it. It takes the electric current of a greater spirit to keep us unclutched to material nature while engaged in doing our spiritual duty in the spirit of Yukta Vairagya. 

name aspect of challenge/capability
Warrior physical
Lover emotional
Magician intellectual
King spiritual/integrative

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