Wednesday, February 29, 2012

When will Kali-yuga end?

Vipassana in many ways is how trash is sorted on a water based conveyer belt in a recycling plant. Parts (symbols) are collected. This is how soil gets replenished by not planting in it. P/PC balance so that nutrients are not diminished and are in fact restored.
Since I was not acting perfectly in tune with Krishna's universe, I had to do Vipassana. Without that I was going in chaos. I was not in-tune to the universe around me. I didn't have faith that Krishna is the perfect garbage collector in the Universe.

Krishna says:
  • I am the taste of water
  • I am the light of the sun and moon
  • I am the consciousness of living beings
  • Of bodies of water I am the ocean
  • Of sacrifices I am the chanting of the holy names
  • Of immovable things I am the Himalayas
  • Of weapons I am the thunderbolt

What we call disorder or entropy is simply what we don't understand about how the garbage collection of the universe works.
An operating system has a system of garbage collection. The black hole is Krishna's garbage collection system for the universe. It is the anus of the universe. The human body takes the nutrients it needs from one end and passes out what it doesn't need from the other end. The energy traveling from one end and out the other end is detached. It is neutral. Whether that energy is personal or impersonal depends on the source of the energy. Maha-vishnu's energy that maintains the universe passes out of the black hole of the universe as detached as it went in because he is neutral to all that takes place in it.
If you ate a chicken, then the energy is personal. If you breathed air, then the energy is impersonal (unless you believe that there is a Vayu demigod).

What is of the material universe stays in the universe. And what is not of the universe goes back out of the universe and back into the pore of Maha-Vishnu.
The electricity goes into the computer while it is on. And the electricity comes out of the computer as it shuts off. In between is time. Time that is recorded from when the operating system records it and when the operating system stops recording it. This is known as carbon copy.

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