Sunday, February 26, 2012

Loving and playing with our object of satisfaction

Everybody in the world wants to love and play with their object of satisfaction continually. For some their object of satisfaction is their video game. For others it is their significant others. And yet for some it is their children. And there are those who discover their object of satisfaction in music. It is not my place to say who is higher or lower. I have not had that realization.

The whole world is trying to either trying to figure out what their object of satisfaction is or if they have figured it out, they are actively loving and playing with it. I feel that self-realization is the process of discovering our object of satisfaction. But I am speaking way above my realization.

For me, I feel my object of satisfaction is discovering the process of operating in this world. For me discovery of the process of natural living and being able to share it with others who have a similar passion is very satisfying.

I really feel that every individual has realized God in their own way. God and the transcendent is not as mysterious and unknowable as we make Him out to be. The lovely thing about God is that we can discover Him and not acknowledge Him and He is not threatened or offended by it. He is not disturbed by our lack of acknowledgement. Not realizing that it is He that you find amazing is an option that Krishna gives us. Krishna is behind all the amazing experiences of the universe. And yet, if you don't want to acknowledge Him, it doesn't bother Him.

So many of us are in that boat. We are busy loving and playing with our objects of satisfaction. And He is not threatened by that.

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