Monday, February 27, 2012

What if we were the simplest software in existence?

What if it is material nature that is super complicated. What if the truth is that the more we get to our essence, our true nature, that we are super-simple? Wouldn't that be a bitch? That would be hilarious. 

What if ultimate reality was all software? What if hardware was an extension of software? This is the opposite of the way that we are trained and believed to think. But it makes sense.

Instead of thinking of our physical body as being imperfect, diseased, prone to suffering and all that, let us pretend that it is perfect. Let us pretend that this is who we are. Let's imagine for a second that the physical body is actually a spiritual body--that it is--in essence, the soul.
Well this soul would be the driver. The driver needs a steering wheel and a gear stick. It needs a user-interface.
If that was the case, the spiritual body relates with the subtlest element. From that point of view, it would use the GUI as the interface. So the GUI (HTML) would function as the key-board and mouse for the soul. It is through the GUI of the soul that it tries to control the world around it.

Next layer of subtle body --
HTML is the client side language in a browser like Netscape or internet explorer browser.

Next layer of subtle body--
HTML doesn't directly talk to the Operating System. It goes through the bureaucracy. HTML talks to the browser.

Next layer of subtle body--
The browser talks to the Operating System. But the browser doesn't talk directly to the hardware.

Next layer of subtle body -- (note that each layer is more gross than the last)
The Operating system layer talks to the Hardware. This is the level of the physical body. It is at this level that we feel Internal Sensing. So for the soul (that only speaks in the simplest HTML language) to experience Internal Sensing, it has to go through all these layers. 

So in Vipassana,  the hardware part is material energy. The more we get away from the hardware level, the more we acknowledge our own nature.  Our hardware body is an extension of the software body. HTML would be the language of the soul. The simple sweet language of loving and playing.

This is the model that we would think about if we wanted to understand how the soul interacts with itself in the material world. But the soul doesn't just interact with itself. It interact with other living entities as well. For that, it is better to understand how this model works in a Networked environment.

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