Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Let us try to limit God, shall we?

If we tried really really hard, what could we finally manage to limit God to? How could we limit God in our life so that he wouldn't be a threat to our ego.

God is greater than Christians could describe Him. God is greater than Buddhists could imagine him. God is greater than Muslims could follow. God is greater than all the Hindus put together in the planet. God is great that he is constantly fascinated by Himself. He is the ultimate egotist. But since He is great, it is not an ego trip. He's in a constant ego trip and is not impressed by His own self.

And yet all of us try to limit God in some way. We feel that there is no way that we can fully be ourself and free while being with Him in His totality. It seems like something needs to give somewhere.  It feels like some compromise needs to be struck somewhere. It doesn't feel like we, the unique individual without a second could possibly have a relationship with this 'God' that everyone else seems to already have a relationship with. It seems like the only way to have a relationship with this 'God' that everyone else has a relationship with is to make our self a photocopy of someone else. And that, quite frankly, sucks.

If your conception of God cannot take into account all religions, thought, philosophy, science, art, literature, music, culinary arts, astronomy, creation, destruction into account, don't blame God for that. God did not limit Himself. You and your friends did. Sanatan Dharma takes all those things into account in its conception of God. 

Why limit all that you can be just to have a relationship with God? Sanatan Dharma tells you you don't have to. You come to Sanatan Dharma and you realize that God did not limit Himself to one religion or belief system.  Man did. We did out of our lack of an imagination. I did because I am insecure. We did out of our lack of faith that He could belong to all in many ways while still maintaining that unique relationship with us.
We do it because we don't know all that we are going to be asked to compromise while introducing this freaky thing called God in our life.

It is hard to believe that He could allow us to be uniquely be ourself in our own glory. It would seem that God should limit us in some way for Him to not be threatened by our ego. But He is not. God is not threatened by our ego, no matter how big our ego is. That is far out.   

God is greater than all the scientific tools in the world could measure Him. He allows absolute belief in Him to exist simultaneously with absolute athiesm. He is not disturbed by it.

In Sanatan Dharma, God is not threatened even by athiesm. There is a path for you too. There is a scientific path to realizing all that is God for those who need to perform experiements. That path is Vipassana.

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