Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Is there room for me in God's universe?

It is so hard for me to remember that the magic is in my intention. I can only try to love and play with Krishna at every moment. What the end impact of my action is I cannot control 100%. Somehow the simple intention of loving and playing with Krishna at every moment doesn't seem enough to me. It seems to trite, to simple, even too sweet. I want something bigger, better, more complex and more marvelous. I want something more over-glorified to do with my life. I feel bashful. The simple sweet form of Krishna is not enough for me to love and play with. It just seems too goody goody for me. I like appreciating the darkness of God as well. I like learning and studying about his harsh personality. I am attracted to the dark-side of God, not simply the light side of Him. Is there room for me in this universe of His? Some say yes. Others say no.

Krishna is operating in Krishna time. There is a parallel universe to this one that operates in spiritual time. Spiritual time is real time. Material time is something that we developed for our sense of reference. Material time is our sense of reference in relation to the sun. It is our sense of reference in relation to the season. And it makes sense to us, it's useful, so we use it to coordinate our self in relation with all that is manifest to us. 

Connecting to God's mind is being intuitive. This is where the whole is complete. But the mirror of the mind needs to be purified to see the whole in relation to the parts in perspective.

Krishna is operating in Krishna time. He is busy loving and playing in Vrindavan. This world and others are maintained by his plenary expansions. This is real time. This material world is an extension of the spiritual world. The spiritual world is the real object. And like in software programming, this material world is an extended from the real thing. It is an extension of the subtle realm. And the subtle realm is an extension of the spiritual realm.

This goes contradictory to our way of thinking in this world. But the gross realm is an extension of a subtler realm and the subtler realm is an extension of the spiritual realm. This spiritual realm is real time.

I strongly believe that when you go into abstract math and science, you start to more and more take into account the subtler realms. The further you get away from the maths and sciences that has to do with strictly measuring with rulers with your eyesight, you start to appreciate dimensions that have more subtle nuances.

I feel that there is a lot of nervousness in the world about exploring these subtle sciences. And rightfully so. That is why the subtle sciences should be explored based on the notes of scientists that make sense. Don't do experiments based on hypothesis, theories or experiments that make no sense to you. There are many different ways to explore the subtle sciences. There is not just one path. And what makes sense to one person might not make sense to all.

In my opinion I almost feel like the 16 personality types would be attracted to 16 different paths to God. Of course, as Jung said, there are a lot more personality types than just these 16. So one should take up a spiritual path that one is attracted by and that makes sense to you.

Whether one's thinking function or feeling function or sensing function or intuition function is stronger, different paths are going to make more sense. They will appeal to you more. Some people have more faith and need less concrete paths. And others need very powerful experiential proof before they can believe. Some people are attracted to singing and dancing and chanting. Others want a more solitary, meditative and quiet form of spiritual experience.

For an extrovert, the world is between them and God. For an introvert who sees God as supersoul, they see themselves between God and the world. Just different perspectives to understanding the same truth.

Above picture depicts the extroverted perspective of God where the material world is between God and the individual.

Krishna in the Bhagavad-gita recognizes all the different paths of spirituality. He admits that some are more difficult than others. He recognizes that different people are attracted to different paths. And in many ways it seems like he is quite detached with the path you decide to take. He's content acting in spiritual time in a parallel universe far far away. It really doesn't make or break his day. He accepts all as they are and reciprocates with them according to how they wish to interact with God. It's a pretty cool idea. A detached God who couldn't care less. Who is completely at peace with himself. He just dreams up this world and then puts it away like a child playing with a rubix-cube puts it in his toybox when he is done. How cool is that?

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