Sunday, March 4, 2012

The inner-geologist

 There is a lot of truth to the words, "Be the change that you want to see in the world." And they are not all positive. Are we changing to the spiritual flute or we are changing to the material lute? All change doesn't land you in the same place. You could be exchanging your energy for a better situation or a worse situation. And though from a spiritual point of view the devotee is neutral to externallity because she is immersed in spirituality, from a material point of view, high and low do exist. Our life is a virtuous cycle or a vicious cycle with every breath we breathe. Virtual cycles take our consciousness up and vicious cycles land us in samsara.

There is something wrong with the thought the world and the world needs to change. The world is perfect and complete because it is a manifestation of Krishna. Om purnam purnam idam. As long as we are attached to changing the external world in anyway, we will change inside of ourself. We will crave and reject Internal Sensing. And globs of inner-sensing will continue to travel up and down our inner system.

For me, when I visualize inner-sensing 'lava' moving within my system, I almost experience it as a lava lamp.

The tectonic plates and lava within the earth is constantly moving and changing. Nature is never at standstill. The atoms are constantly vibrating. And so are we. The only unchanging reality is spiritual. Krishna in the Gita says that He is not the doer being "unchangeable."

Naturally the living entity engaged in devotional service is constantly bending to the will of the Lord. But since that is her constitutional position as jiva to do so, even when acting it does not act. Why? Because Krishna is serving as the bhakti-yogi's garbage collection system for karma.
The only way to want to cause change without changing yourself is by engaging in yukta-vairagya. In that spirit, if one is truly pure, while acting one does not accrue karma. But who is that pure? 

That is why Vipassana is so powerful. In it, you are monitoring the internal-sensing in your own body. And by accepting that it is constantly changing, you try not to attach yourself to any globs of internal-sensing no matter if it is subtle or gross in nature. You don't crave for any one glob of internal-sensing in your body any more than for another. By being neutral to all external sensing in your own body, you view your body the way that a geologist views the techtonic plates within the earth shift. You view your inner-sensing the way the geologist views the inner-sensing of the earth in the form of lava and techtonic plates shifting. The geologist is not disturbed by seeing such a change. He views all the changes happening of the earth neutrally.

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