Sunday, March 4, 2012

Fun Music Video

As physical exercise, sometimes I use the jump rope. I like dancing to lively music when I do so.

What is really fun to do is to play the below U Can't touch this video by MC Hammer. But only watch it. Don't listen to it. Mute it.

And while you watch the above MC Hammer video, listen to the below bhangra song. It's wild how well they sync up. It makes a great work-out video. Really fun. If someone could combine those two videos into one, and post it on youtube, that would be fun.

The process of creation is like how these two music videos could be synergistically combined.

A father comes in contact with a mother in the appropriate way and a child happens. Energies are constantly synergistically merging in fusion to come up with a new form of creation. And then every form of creation in this world is at some point dissolved. It breaks apart where dust is to dust and ashes is to ashes, water is to water and fire to fire. All the elements of the dissolved form goes back to it's natural state. But it is hard to say which state is truly natural and which is unnatural since being loved and played is the only natural state of the soul. 

This is the energy recycling system in the universe. 
Though things merge into one, gaining a new identity, it is simply the merging of energies. The energies were not dual to begin with. And the energies are not one to end with. They are constantly cycling through forms and formlessness in the material world. To watch this process without craving or being averse to this happen all over creation and our daily personal life is knowledge. This knowledge leads to detachment. And this detachment leads to the end of suffering. This is the word of authorities of the subtle sciences.

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