Sunday, March 4, 2012

The sting of Spiritual Laughter is neutral

If truth is North. Justice is South. You cannot bend the law of Truth without it twisting the line of Justice. We sometimes want Truth without Justice. And at other times we want Justice without Truth. You cannot have one without the other without it causing conflict. In Kali-yuga there is no justice. The cow, Bhumi, Mother Earth, stands on her last leg--Truth.

The Journalist is aware of North. So there is a natural process that has to be followed for the truth of the journalist to come to entertain the Common Man. The Magician has the language, tools and means to entertain the common man.
The Buddha is in tune to Magnetic eternal North. The Buddha comes to the surface to communicate what is magnetic eternal North. The Buddha communicates to a qualified Journalist. The qualified Journalist is aware of surface level realities. Now enlightened by the Buddha about the nature of Magnetic North, their energies mix. This is a cross-pollination of energy. 
The Buddha is transformed by the energy of the Journalist who is aware of practical realities. 

The Journalist is transformed in spiritual realities being transformed by the energy of the Buddha. 

The Journalist understands the *degree* of deviation of reality from the truth. Below the reality of the world has deviated 10% from the truth.

Now the Journalist goes to the Myth Maker explaining the nature of the deviation. The Myth Maker is an artist. She creates art-work. She weaves it with threads of wisdom received from the Journalist. Both the Journalist and the Myth Maker only consume from a pure source. That pure source is the Buddha. 
The Myth Maker in turn goes to a human connector like Oprah Winfrey.

The Myth Maker tells Oprah her story. And then finally, it is the Magicians turn. The magician owns the set, the tools of the TV studio. The Magician has been served. The magician puts on a show. The Magician is the ring master. He manages all the entertainers and tools and the agenda in charge of the circus of entertaining. 

And the Master entertainer is Krishna's Jack-in-the-box. And you don't know jack. He is the Joker.  
The more in-tune to the truth you are, and the more you realize the extent to which we have deviated from the truth, the realization of that ridiculousness comes out in the form of laughter. Laughter closes the gap between the deviation of deep truth from surface level reality. Spiritual laughter.

This Spiritual Circus travels in a yellow bus like how Chitraketu travels in his space ship full of dancing girls entertaining the universe. 

This medium of art through dance, drama, music restores the balance in the universe. The ten degree of deviation of reality from the truth is stored. There is balance in the universe again. Justice was served.
Lord Shiva is the magician through which Justice is served in the material world. The more the deviation of reality from Truth, the more injustice there is in the world.

Lord Shiva dances as Nataraj. When there is a lot of injustice in the world, Lord Shiva manifests himself in the form of Kalo-bhairav and dances the dance of death. 

We identify with different aspects of creation and the archetypes based on our cravings and aversions. So the quality of the mirror of the mind, like colored plastic sheet (the modes of nature) placed over the mirror, so we see accordingly. Take all the layers of colored plastic sheets off and one can observe the true nature of ourself. Spiritual art from the spiritualized artist.

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