Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Sociopath versus the Buddha

When a Magician gets so carried away with the "magic show" that they are putting on for the benefit of the Common Man that they cannot distinguish it from reality, they can get into trouble. Imagine that scenario. Imagine that the Magician is putting on a show. He is so immersed in showing that the magical powers he is displaying is real that he forgets that there is a reality beyond his display of magical powers. What would happen? At that point the Magician would get super-arrogant. He would feel that he has a greater grasp on the laws of nature than anyone else around him. That is why he can bend the laws of nature at will. After all, that is what magic appears to be. Bending of the laws of nature is what a magician appears to be doing. In reality, the Magician is bending the minds of his audience so that it appears like he has special privilege to bend the laws of nature that no one else has the power to do.

But, what if the Magician actually believes that he has the power to bend the laws of nature. What if he truly believes that he has a disproportionate power compared to the men around him. If he believes that 100%, at that time, he is no longer a Magician. He is a Sociopath. 

What is a Sociopath? A Sociopath is a Magician that has gone out of control. The Sociopath is not in control of himself. There is an inner unsatisfied vacuum within him that is in control.
So what is a Sociopath? Sometimes they say that the way to study something is through it's opposite. So let's study about what a Sociopath is by studying what a Sociopath is not.

If the Buddha represents the plus (+) sign in the diagram above, the Sociopath represents the minus (-). They are opposites.

The Buddha is a positive force. The Buddha is wholeness and inner-fullness and satisfaction. He represents gravity. He is full of beauty, truth, goodness, joy, care, love, knowledge and all the other positive eternal attributes. He represents an abundance mentality. He over-flows with good qualities. He has so much that giving what he has, he doesn't have any less. The Buddha is like an ocean. The ocean is undisturbed, it's currents uncaring if you take your coffee cup and take some water from it. Heck, you could take a few bathtubs full of water from it and you wouldn't notice a change in the ocean. Actually forget that. You could take entire swimming pools of water out of the ocean, and it wouldn't complain. The ocean has more to give than you have to take. The Buddha is such a large container that can contain the vastness of the ocean within him.

The Sociopath is a negative force. It represents scarcity mentallity. It seeks to only take.  The sociopath is a vacuum. It represents unsatisfied needs. This is the economic bear--an unconscious force always chomping at our heels. The Sociopath is inwardly empty, hungry and seeking. It is a vacuum like a black hole. It is so hungry that it seeks to devour all to satisfy it's inner emptiness.

The Buddha is a reservoir of beauty, truth, goodness, joy, care, love, knowledge. He has so much of these qualities that he over flows with it. He seeks to share these gifts that cannot be contained within him. And while sharing these unlimited gifts within him, he attracts people to him. That is the nature of the aura that surrounds him. He attracts people through his good qualities. This is the gravitational pull surrounding the Buddha.

The Sociopath on the other hand is so needy. He is so hungry. He is so wanting. He fakes being strong, powerful, charismatic, just to fool other people. In reality he is weak. The Sociopath has more needs than he knows that he can satisfy. So he has no problem stealing, cheating or killing to get his way, even if the people that he is stealing, cheating or killing are his own family. Such is the unconscious force within the Sociopath.

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