Saturday, January 7, 2012

Successfully Addressing the Rural Health Challenge in Nepal

In this post we were discussing the challenges of inspiring health care workers to go to rural Nepal.

It turns out that one of the most effective ways making health care workers available in rural Nepal is not to inspire people to go there. But rather it is about educating the people who have chosen to live there to become healthcare workers: Nursing Nepal back to Health.What an elegant, practical and logical solution. It makes perfect sense. Kudos to the team that came up with the idea.

Now the new challenge becomes in getting qualified teachers to rural locations so that they can educate the local population. I suppose it is possible to rotate teachers through different semesters.

Considering that most of the trainees are Dalits, Janajatis and from remote villages, I couldn't but help but compare the success of this health education in rural Nepal with Barefoot Colleges in India that teach various practical skills to the most unlikely students.

 I would say that the success of the program is measured by even one student mentioning an appreciation for their education in this way:
Says Sarita Sunar from Kalikot: "I never dreamed I'd ever come to eastern Nepal to get free training in health care. I am going to repay this by working for my community back home in Kalikot." 

What more could an educator ask for then to hear a testimony like that? 

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