Friday, January 6, 2012

How do you Unwind?

All of us, we either live in an apartment or a home, right? We go to school or go to work and then we come back home. We are tired many times when we come back home. And all we want to do is relax, rest and sleep. Maybe we want to watch some TV. Maybe we want to have a little conversation with our roommates or family. Maybe we want to laugh a little before bed.
We all have different ways of unwinding. But what is in common is that we are trying to avoid doing whatever activity it is that we have spent a long time doing.
By nature, unwinding is about stretching out of whatever mold we have put our self in to meet the demands of our job.

And whatever form our unwinding takes, generally it incorporates some sort of play. Besides our bodily functions and wailing to our mama for food, play is one of the most natural things we do coming into this world. And amazingly enough, the more unnatural our life becomes, it is one of the things most missing in our life. In fact, I would go so far as to say that it is precisely because we stopped deliberately and actively creating the space for play, that our life became unnatural.
In many ways, muscle confusion is play and playing with our muscles, in turn, confuses it.

Here is a Wikipedia article on all the different ways that playfulness can manifest in our life. I'll bet you've never thought of play quite this seriously before.

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