Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Achieving Health in America and Achieving Health in Nepal requires different strategies

Because the state of healthcare system in both countries is in such a different condition, what Nepalese need to be healthy and what Americans need to be healthy are almost opposite things.

In talking about healthcare, we sometimes forget that America is a very rich nation in comparison to Nepal. So in that way, America has many different kinds of problems from Nepal. America's health care problem is that their children are too fat from eating too much. Obesity is such a big problem in America that they talk about it in terms of an epidemic.

Nepal has the opposite problem. Our problem is a lack of nutrition. Lack of nutrition and clean water is a problem of epidemic proportions.

So while talking about health, America and Nepal have opposite problems. In many ways, we talk about "health care" like there is a generic solution for both countries. But it is not.

So we almost need to redefine the health problem in terms of both countries. We cannot just look for one generic solution that would fit both countries.

For Americans to be healthy means to eat less fatty, unhealthy food. It means for them to exercise more.

For Nepalese to be healthy means having strong shelters, nutrious food, clean environment, strong relationships, positive work environment, supportive communities.

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