Friday, January 6, 2012

P90x and the concept of Muscle Confusion

I am not going to go into explaining the ideas of Muscle Confusion as it is traditionally been practiced since Wikipedia has done a much better job than I could do:

I cannot vouch if the concept of muscle confusion helps or doesn't in terms of physical fitness. It does make sense to me why it would work.

I can however vouch that the concept of muscle confusion is very relevant for the mind. I have been actively practicing the concept of muscle confusion in terms of the mind, for years. The mind functions best when it is deliberately challenged, confused and defeated. But only a strong ego finds this fun. A weak ego will take the challenging of the mind as an attack on the self and resist and react.

So don't wait around for someone else to challenge you. Challenge yourself before anyone else can challenge you and you will always remain fit. In many ways, this is the idea behind physical fitness as well. Life is unpredictable. Sometimes we have to lift boxes. Sometimes we have to run after a bus. Sometimes we have to toss our five year old up in the air, smile at them, and catch them and give them a kiss. Life is unpredictable. And by making sure that you exercise yourself in terms of cardio, flexibility and strength, you keep yourself challenged before life challenges you. Infact, it is by challenging yourself everyday through various physical exerices that one is pro-actively preparing for the randomness that life tosses our way.

In the posts to come, I will delve into the idea of mental muscle confusion.

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