Saturday, January 7, 2012

If America's Health Care System is in Crisis, what is the State of Nepal's Healthcare?

The Obama administration defended the health care overhaul in a filing Friday with the Supreme Court that calls the law an appropriate response to a "crisis in the national health care market."

Nepali Minister for Health and Population, Rajendra Mahato, on Thursday, said that the government was on its way to amend the health act. It turns out that President Obama is pushing to do the same in the United States.

I was reading an article titled: "Government Lays Out Health-Law Defense" in the Wallstreet Journal. The Obama government is declaring the state of health care in the United States to be a crisis.
In Nepal, Mahato is trying to over-haul the healthcare system in the same way Obama is trying to improve health care in the United States. President Obama's message is the same as Mahato's: that the healthcare act, as it is currently defined, does not reach all the people it needs to address.