Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Why is the Global Fund important to Nepal?

Nepal's Country Coordination Mechanism (CCM) operates according to the principles defined by Global Fund.

The Global Fund is a unique, public-private partnership and international financing institution dedicated to attracting and disbursing additional resources to prevent and treat HIV and AIDS, TB and malaria. This partnership between governments, civil society, the private sector and affected communities represents an innovative approach to international health financing. The Global Fund’s model is based on the concepts of country ownership and performance-based funding, which means that people in countries implement their own programs based on their priorities and the Global Fund provides financing on the condition that verifiable results are achieved.

Since its creation in 2002, the Global Fund has become the main financier of programs to fight AIDS, TB and malaria, with approved funding of US$ 22.6 billion for more than 1,000 programs in 150 countries. To date, programs supported by the Global Fund have saved 7.7 million lives by providing AIDS treatment for 3.3 million people, anti-tuberculosis treatment for 8.6 million people and 230 million insecticide-treated nets for the prevention of malaria. The Global Fund works in close collaboration with other bilateral and multilateral organizations to supplement existing efforts in dealing with the three diseases.

A world free from the burden of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria

Investing the world’s money to save lives

INTEGRITY: Be consistent, honest and transparent in what we say and do.

RESPECT: Treat ourselves and each other with consideration, dignity and open-mindedness.

PASSION: Sustain our energy and enthusiasm to focus on the people we serve while enjoying our work and our families.

COLLABORATION: Work together and communicate in ways that build a climate of cooperation to leverage our collective talents.

INNOVATION: Find new and creative solutions, challenge each other to be ambitious, and take measured risks.

EFFECTIVENESS: Hold ourselves to the same level of accountability, efficiency and performance that we ask of our recipient

About the Global Fund

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