Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The disco-ball

Is it possible to accept Krishna, reject Krishna while loving and playing with Krishna?

It is hard to teach old dogs new tricks. The best time to get spiritual knowledge is as a child. So in that way. They understand themselves about freeing themselves from the material world long before they become of it.

Ignorance sucks. It doesn't help anyone.

Dattatreya Rishi is the guru of spiritual cybernetics. He was a real generalist. Very practical. A real man of the world without being of it.

I need to follow the principles of Dattatreya rishi the way I followed the principles of Vipassana to be able to interact in the world of external sensing without being ensnared by it. Dattatreya teaches how to be in the material world without being of it. 

The material world is more complex than this puzzle. And yet by living by Dattatreya Rishi's principles, we won't be trapped by it while living of it. We should want to be Krishna's rubik's cube to be loved and played by Him to free ourself from the material world. To be changed as He wills. Now that is a bad ass way to live.

Be a transformer. Like mercury, to change as He wants. Then you live in the material world according to Dattatreya rishi's principles. You don't get locked into the 1000 sided rubiks cube while interacting in the material world. Then you can truly practice yukta-vairagya. Infact, Dattatreya Rishi's principles are yukta-vairagya. Without following his principles, for most, it is not possible to practice yukta-vairagya without getting trapped in the material world. Without being pure, good intentions is not enough. Even our ability to be pure depends upon Krishna. But I feel that by showing Him that we really really want to be pure so that we can serve Him and be His we will become purified.

To not be pure enough and think that you can practice yukta-vairagya is to cheat and fool yourself. We are not pure enough to play with the material world without getting trapped in Jung's 1000 sided rubix sphere.

The material world operates according to some laws. And if you are not going to follow those laws, the 1000 sided rubiks cube will close in on you and entomb you.

When I read Dattatreya Rishis 24 principles, I realize that what he is saying is: "be Krishna's disco ball to be loved and played at His will." Reflect back to the world the energy that the world sends to you. You are not of this world. You owe no fidelity to it. You belong to Krishna. Give to all what is theirs and give to Krishna what is His. What is His? You.
Where is Krishna? Everywhere. He is both outside of the discoball and within it. I am just a thin discoball. Inside of me is a spiritual casing. Outside of me is a material casing. I can choose to identify with either.
The spiritual casing is run by yoga-maya. The material casing is run by maha-maya. All we do is choose which show we wish to participate in at every moment. It is not black or white.

I had a Calculus 3 teacher who chose to smoke cigarettes and to jog. He said that he would stop smoking before he stopped jogging. So we are like that. We are contributing to our spiritual health and disease by our mixed actions and intentions. And we receive spiritual opportunities and reactions in this life and the next accordingly.

The same material and emotional elements that make up inner-sensing and inner-feeling, when purified, are used for spiritual purposes. The act of accepting and rejecting is directing introverted sensing to
the different parts of the body that are feeling accepted and
rejected. There is an equal and opposite reaction. This is karma. The act of accepting and rejecting is getting Introverted-Sensing pumped like the heart pumps blood to different parts of the body. It always equals out. When you realize that it equals out, you are neutral to the act of accepting and rejecting. Then you don't generate further reactions.

Convert your material attachments and aversions into your neutral bank account. Spiritual acceptance of our ordinary everyday material reality. It takes the romance out of material life. Be neutral to material life. And keep exercising your functions spiritually. They will turn into spiritual gold. The same sensing and feeling functions when purified is used for spiritual sensing and feeling purposes.

Vipassana redefined the notion of realization for me. I have a lot more concrete feel for what it means to realize something. You really realize what it means that spirituality is that straight
and narrow path. It is walking on the neutral circle.

We have our own ignorant ideas about which part of the subtle and physical body is more important than the other. But the knowledgeable understands every subtlety of the body in relation to the whole.

If the spirit soul has all the properties of God in microcosm, and God has a universal form, then the spirit soul also must have a universal form like the one that Krishna showed Arjuna. The spirit soul must have all the elements that Krishna has in his universal form but in minute property. No one of the material elements is any less important than any other in the functioning of the body. In our ignorance we don't see them all with equal vision.
There is a universal body among living entities and non-living entities. This body operates according to the laws specified by Dattatreya Rishi. So it is not only that humans are all equal. The sage sees all living entities as being equal. And he sees all non-living entities, elements of this world, equally. Granite or gold are both the same to him.

We are transformers. In material life we transformed our selves in a shell. A ball. This is our tomb. The inside of this tomb is painted in mercury.  It reflects. We see our reflection. We react to our
reflection. We get so immersed in our intra-personal drama of reacting to ourself.
This tomb is also our egg. We can hatch material desires or spiritual desires. And based on our consciousness at every second, we are hatching material or spiritual desires.
I conceptually understand this. But it is something else to practically realize it with your heart.

 Krishna says that he is unchanging because he is not the doer. We are meant to be constantly changing in being loved and played by him according to His will. If we experience are selves as being static, it is because of our material attachments. That which is unchanging within us and outside of us is Krishna.

We are transformers. Yes we are meant to transform at every second according to his will. This is the meaning of spiritual time. The pure are able to transform themselves at every second according to spiritual time--the will of God.

That neutral circle is our circle of trust. That trust is composed of our realizations. Self-honesty (inner-feeling) and truth (inner-thinking) compose our realizations.

The truth is simple. And instead of accepting the simple truth about my reality, I needed to analytically figure out the 1000 sided jung's rubix-sphere. If it is His will, and I can be pure, that effort will not go in vain. If it is not His will, then it was for my purification. And it was still not in vain. It got me to realize the nature of my shell. After-all, that is all the 1000 sided Jung's rubix cube turned out to be, right? Just a thin shell.

Self-meditation is a form of immersion. And depending on how it is done it can liberate one or trap one.

Aversion for Krishna is manifest as self-meditation, when the meditation is on false-ego. And since Krishna is within the self also, self-meditation can be meditation of Krishna (super-soul). So it is very hard to say who is meditating on Krishna and who is meditating on the self simply by the external symptoms of people. The story of Jad-bharat teaches us this.

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