Friday, February 10, 2012

The calculus of sensation

The body is full of different sensations. We can close our eyes. And the sensations we feel in our left arm are different than the sensations we feel in our right arm. The sensations we feel on our belly are different from the sensations we feel on our back. The sensations on our feet are different from those on the head.

The sensations we feel all across our face are different in different areas. The sensations on our nose feel different from the sensations we feel on our ears. The sensations we feel on our cheeks are different from the ones we feel on our eye lids.

But we can go further than that. We can take any one part of a small part of the body. For example, let us take a very sensitive area like the right eyelid. And we can realize that the sensation on the top tip of the right eye lid is different from the sensation on the bottom of the eye-lid. The sensation on the right side of the eye-lid is different from the left. If we were to graph the eyelid and then take a pin and prick every square of the eye-lid, it would produce a different sensation. All you you have to do is feel a small draft or air to feel how the different sensations of the wind feels across different areas of the eyelid.

If you focus on any one area of the body and the particular sensations it produces, eventually every sensation can be fractalized into more minute sensations each with it's own unique tastes and flavors.

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